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The Sleepless out now!


"The Sleepless is a dazzlingly smart and compelling thriller, which will grip you from its unforgettable opening scene and will linger with you long after you have finished it. Liam Bell is a writer of rare and distinctive talent, and this is a novel not to be missed. These are characters and situations – vividly rendered, unsettlingly plausible even at their most terrifying – which will haunt you, a novel which will keep you up all night. " 

Ellery Lloyd, author of People Like Her and Reese's Book Club pick The Club

“A cracker of a thriller with a razor sharp focus, a deliciously intriguing premise, and prose that will keep you turning those pages long after you said you’d go to sleep.” 
Russel D McLean

“The Sleepless is a taut and ambitious cult thriller exploring herd mentality and our desperate desire to find logic in the illogical.”
Rachelle Atalla 

"As a thriller, The Sleepless genuinely gets the pulse racing, especially when the tension between the commune and its neighbouring village escalates to a war footing."

The Herald

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