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Man at Sea out now!

“Man at Sea is partly a study of treachery, forgiveness and the thirst for revenge, but its principal concern is the consequences of clinging on to memories while life passes by... A lean, direct novel weaving a delicate blend of starkness and sensuality, its downbeat tone has, by the end, resolved into a quiet optimism.”

Alastair Mabbott, in The Herald

“Man At Sea is about the often complex bonds between people, but is also about memories, and how loss and the passing of time can make them not only unreliable, but often damaging. It is a magnificently moody novel... Bell's previous novels, So It Is and The Busker, are both excellent reads, but this time round he has written something rather special.”

Alisdair Braidwood, in SNACK magazine

“Intimate and expansive, this tantalising thriller pulses with mysteries, secrets, and surprises. Man at Sea is both timely and historical, at once rich in implication and action. Like the sea itself the story is swift, deep, exhilarating, and ultimately unpredictable.”  

Kevin MacNeil, author of The Brilliant and Forever   

“A rich exploration of identity, war and sacrifice. Poignant and beautifully written.”

Rachelle Atalla, author of The Pharmacist

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